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How is the translation time calculated?

The execution time always depends on the size of the document, subject matter and language. In general, the standard translation time is 7-10 pages per day. The deadline for completing Oriental languages is 5-6 pages per day. Terms can be reduced; in this case the order will be considered urgent.

Can you translate a large document in a short time?

Yes. For urgent orders, we create a separate group that works on a specific project. The translation is carried out by several translators and then proofread by the editor to bring the text into line with terminology and style.

How are you different from other translation agencies?

Today, there are many translation companies that are ready to perform any translation in a short time, thereby striving to attract as many clients as possible. Our main difference from other bureaus is that we create the most comfortable service conditions. Our manager is constantly in touch, so you can ask a question or send an urgent order at any time.

What languages do you work with?

We perform written and oral translations from all languages of the world and into any language.

How can I order a translation?

First you need to leave your request via our Contact Us form. Our manager will reach out to you and discuss all the details, the amount of text, language pairs, etc. And then send you an invoice, which you will pay. After this, we start working and you get your translation almost in no time.

Which currencies can I use for payment?

The invoice is normally provided in USD. But, if necessary, you can notify our managers and they will change the invoice currency to any convenient for you.

What if you don't like the translation?

Translation is an intellectual creation, so we cannot guarantee the complete absence of errors, although we strive to do so with all our might. If the translation does not suit the client, we will conduct a thorough analysis and re-edit the translation text.